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Shining Light Award


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There’s a saying that defines Salemtowne: this is “where every life shines.”

The words don’t stop at the nonprofit community. Salemtowne strives to make life better for older adults throughout Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. And the community celebrates those seniors who share this mission.

The Salemtowne Shining Light Award is a volunteer service award that honors individuals who reflect Salemtowne’s commit­ment to support the well-being of others.  Nominations  are being accepted for the 2017 award until April 14.

Previous winners have contributed their time and talents in a variety of areas for local nonprofit organizations such as The Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem, Bethesda Center for the Homeless and The Second Harvest Food Bank.  These volunteers humbly gave of themselves to support local nonprofit organizations in offering valuable services to those in need in our community.

But those seniors aren’t the only ones who benefit from charitable activity. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, older Americans who volunteer are more likely to live longer and report fewer health problems as they age.

“Salemtowne values being a good community partner. Our residents are contributing members inside and outside of the Salemtowne community with many engaged in volunteerism with local nonprofit organizations,” says CEO Mark Steele, “and so we strive to make a difference where we can. It’s inspiring to see local seniors who share our commitment.”


Nominate Someone Today

Nominations for the Salemtowne Shining Light award may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Online submission (nomination form below)
  • Download nomination form (complete and return to Salemtowne)
  • Pick up hard copy of form at Salemtowne

Shining Light Award

Nomination Form

Nominee Information
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Be sure to allow enough time time complete all fields prior to submission.
Nominator Information
Nomination Statement
Every volunteer is worth of recognition. In a one-page narrative please describe why this nominee deserves to win the award. Include in your narrative the following: list of job duties; summary of nominee's eximplary service; describe what distinguishes this nominee's efforts from other volunteers, and the impact their service has on meeting critical needs of the community.