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Shining Light Award


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There’s a saying that defines Salemtowne: this is “where every life shines.”

The Salemtowne Shining Light Award is a volunteer service award that honors individuals who reflect Salemtowne’s commit­ment to support the well-being of others.  We are pleased to announce Mrs. Helen Scott as the 2017 award winner. It was inspiring to have so many nominees like this year's winner that share our commitment.

Helen Scott is a born volunteer. She is 91 years old and continues to find ways to support this greater Winston Salem community. Among Helen's many duties at Sunnyside Ministry where she has volunteered for 26 years, she greets and trains new volunteers who come into the ministry. She demonstrates to them how to take pride in their work and to be responsible and caring in assuming their duties as they provide service to others.

Her strong faith encourages others to not give up and to feel strengthened by helping others in a nonjudgmental way. Helen makes us proud to know her, to learn from her strong faith, and to follow her legacy. She feels strongly about her family and friends understanding how important it is to help the disenfranchised by giving back, to volunteer.

Helen also volunteers at United Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church and the Moravian Church Ministry.  Volunteers like Helen inspire all of us.  She is a shining star.  Thank you for all that you do for Winston-Salem. 

-excerpts for this article taken from nomination by Della Brooks