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Emphasizing best practices in active and healthy senior living and promoting regular social interaction, Salemtowne has become renowned for lifelong learning and growth in a nurturing, spiritual environment.

Salemtowne residents represent diverse backgrounds and walks of life.  They appreciate the importance of casually breaking bread with friends and family, as well as the importance of keeping both body and mind active and stimulated. Which is why, along with numerous fitness offerings and wellness amenities, the community regularly hosts lifelong learning classes and programs, as well as spiritual enrichment and volunteer opportunities - all for residents to learn, grow, interact, and give back to their community.

Life Enrichment

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Living a Full Life

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Do the Math: Compare the Cost of Your Current Lifestyle to That of Living in a CCRC

Monthly budgets generally include everything from mortgages and utilities to meals, healthcare and more. Fill out this form to get a quick and easy formula to compare your current expenses to the monthly cost of living in a continuing care retirement community such as Salemtowne. We think you’ll better understand and more fully appreciate the value.

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