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OnPointe – Wellness for Life

Powered by Masterpiece Living, onPointe – wellness for life is more than a wellness or fitness program, it's a belief that lifestyle determines how you age and Salemtowne is a community that supports successful aging.  Contrary to popular belief, growing older can be a time of continued growth in all aspects of life - socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually.  We provide an environment in which residents flourish.  Explore each area of focus to learn more about the meaningful programs that offer enriching experiences for residents. 

Intellectual Physical Spiritual Social

Masterpiece Living

As one of 85 Masterpiece Living communities and the only member community in North Carolina, Salemtowne is uniquely positioned to empower you with the tools needed to meet your goals for the future. Masterpiece Living promotes successful aging which embraces growth, empowerment, meaning and support for older adults.

A direct descendant of the MacArthur Foundation’s research, Masterpiece Living provides a support system to promote successful aging. The MacArthur study proved that lifestyle choices do impact successful aging. It is never too late to make a difference.  For those who seek a community offering lifestyle enhancements and opportunities for growth, Salemtowne may be the answer for you. 


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