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Successful Aging Tip of the Month: Use It or Lose It

February 22, 2018
This month's successful aging tip from onPointe - wellness for life is: Use It or Lose It. A sedentary lifestyle is our enemy. Strength in all areas of our lives - physical, intellectual, social and spiritual - give us power, resilience and health, much like a symphony orchestra with its many different instruments.

Salemtowne Artist in Residence: Akiyo Schmid

February 22, 2018
Around the Salemtowne campus, many have had the good fortune to meet the diminutive Japanese resident who greets you with a nod, a soft “Hello,” and a gentle smile. They were likely unaware of the large talents she possesses.

Celebrating onPointe - wellness for life

January 25, 2018
Salemtowne is celebrating a remarkable kickoff year in championing the pursuit of successful aging with onPointe – wellness for life. Powered by Masterpiece Living, a scientifically proven program to help older adults live longer, healthier, happier lives, onPointe focuses on four key areas to enhance your lifestyle: physical, social, intellectual and spiritual.