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Natural Beauty

April 19, 2018
As we yearn for the warmth of Spring to arrive (and stick around), one Salemtowne resident soaks in the bounty of natural beauty than can be found by exploring Salemtowne outdoors...

Winston-Salem State University Singing Rams to Appear at Salemtowne

April 4, 2018
The Winston-Salem State University Choir (aka The Singing Rams) is the oldest student organization on the campus of Winston-Salem State University. There is evidence to prove that the institution of the choir predates the Department of Music, of which it is now a part.

Successful Aging Tip of the Month: Use It or Lose It

February 22, 2018
This month's successful aging tip from onPointe - wellness for life is: Use It or Lose It. A sedentary lifestyle is our enemy. Strength in all areas of our lives - physical, intellectual, social and spiritual - give us power, resilience and health, much like a symphony orchestra with its many different instruments.