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2019 Archive


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Staying in Touch with Nature

October 8, 2019
Do you have a green thumb? Does being outdoors feed your soul? The Winston-Salem Journal's Home & Garden Columnist, Amy Dixon shares her observations this week on the plethora of ways Salemtowne residents can continue their outdoor pursuits at Salemtowne.

The Great Goat Invasion

September 11, 2019
Recently, a unique group of visitors arrived at Salemtowne —a herd of hungry goats! They arrived by truck and promptly began feasting on a 4.7-acre tract of the kudzu-covered property as soon as they were unloaded.

Salemtowne WithOut Walls (WOW)

April 19, 2019
“This morning, we joined about 18 Salemtowne residents for a walk and tour of the magnificent Quarry Park. It was just a spectacular outing. There were some of us who were able to walk several miles on the trails, several who walked with walkers, one who propelled himself in his wheelchair and one in a motorized chair.