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Winston-Salem Symphony's Tim Redmond to kick off Salemtowne Speaker Series

March 3, 2020
Salemtowne proudly presents a robust speaker series featuring extraordinarily talented men and women whose work in the arts, sciences and academics is innovative and significant. These disciplines were purposefully chosen to honor the work in which early Moravians made significant contributions. On March 9, Tim Redmond will discuss his role as new Music Director of the Winston-Salem Symphony. The presentation will also feature a violin performance by the internationally renowned Rachel Barton Pine.

Choosing the Right Community

November 4, 2019
Salemtowne was recently invited to participate in the Smart Seniors Podcast Series produced by the Good Brand Company along with residents from The Forest at Duke and Givens Estates. Salemtowne resident Ron Hartman shared valuable insight on the topic of "Choosing the Right Community".

Staying in Touch with Nature

October 8, 2019
Do you have a green thumb? Does being outdoors feed your soul? The Winston-Salem Journal's Home & Garden Columnist, Amy Dixon shares her observations this week on the plethora of ways Salemtowne residents can continue their outdoor pursuits at Salemtowne.