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Cultural enrichment through continual pursuit of knowledge and skill

With the ebb and flow of a vibrant community, Salemtowne’s rhythm of life revolves around its gathering spots: Places to meet. Places to dine. Places to play. Places to learn. Salemtowne’s breathtaking Smith Saal is a regular hub of community activities, from lectures and speeches, to worship services, to plays and performances of both the local and professional variety. The Meeting Place at Vogler Square offers a smaller venue for more intimate activities such as card games, book discussions, or writing classes.


Salemtowne is a next-generation community for older adults who want to live life to the fullest through lifestyle choices and purposeful living.  That's why we created onPointe - wellness for life, which is powered by Masterpiece Living, a scientifically proven program to help older adults live longer, healthier, happier lives.


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