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Why Giving is Important

Certain realities in life become clear when you consider why people give.

  • We love giving
  • We give lovingly
  • We will always give
  • And when times are tough, we will give to what matters most and truly makes a difference

The driving motivations behind why we are a giving people are complex and textured. Certain factors or touch points seem to encourage and enable giving that is transformational.

  • To meet critical, yet real needs
  • To make the community a better place
  • To enable a desired impact or result; to make a difference
  • To leave a part of ourselves behind as a legacy
  • A belief that those with more should give
  • Because you were asked!

Would you prayerfully and intentionally consider why; how; and through what means you can give to support and sustain the residents of Salemtowne?